UGS 303: FRI-Research Methods Fall 2011
MW 9-10am in PHR 2.114
TTh 9:
30-10:30am in UTC 3.124

Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler

TA for mw 9-10am and Tuesday labs Sonya Chiu

TA for TTh 9:30-10:30am and Wednesday labs Ling Zhu

Office:  Bio 6

Bio 15

Bio 21

Phone: 471-1074




Office hours:  Anytime,
just contact me for an appointment

 by appointment

 by appointment

This is an updated list of class topics (10/20/11)


Lecture 1

Lecture 2


1. W 8/24


no lab

2. 8/29

Strong Inference

What is an inquiry?

Journals, Database Searches, Strong Inference, Termites

3. 9/5

no class (Labor Day)


Inquiry 1 Proposals due

4. 9/12



Statistics Practice

5. 9/19

Lab Safety and Inquiry 2

Stream Sort

Inquiry 1 Presentation

6. 9/26

If you can't say something nice... criticizing research about GM crop safety

Authorship and Peer Review

Inquiry 2 Proposals due

7. 10/3

Funding Research


Ethics Discussion

8. 10/10

Research vs Education

Presenting and Writing

Peer Review

9. 10/17

Ethics- Animals in Research

Ethics- Animals in Research

Inquiry 2 Presentations

10. 10/24

University Research

(Who are all these people?)

My Job W Dr. Jennifer Moon; Th Allen Reichler

Inquiry 3 Proposals due

11. 10/31

Who are you?

Ethics- Humans in Research

Ethics Discussion

12. 11/7

My Job- M Dr. Stan Roux,
T Dr. Ruth Franks

Holism vs Reductionism

Peer Review

13. 11/14

What is success?

What happens after graduation?

Inquiry 3 Presentations

14. 11/21

My Job- M Dr. Alex Adai,
T Sarah Adai

no class (Thanksgiving)

no lab... Thanksgiving

15. 11/28

Why do we not solve more problems?


Group Problem Solve

FRI-rm MW Syllabus (pdf)

FRI-rm TTh Syllabus (pdf)

Forms and other information needed for inquiries:

Weekly office hours:
If you have questions or need help, you should feel free to contact any of us, Stuart, the TA's, or UGTA's in person, by email, or by phone.  During some parts of the semester, TA's will be available at specific office hours. For the office hours listed on the class calendar (below), contact the TAs 24 hours in advance to set up a meeting:

Inquiry 1 proposals are due in lab on T 9/6 or W 9/7
Format for Inquiry 1 Proposal and Reports (pdf) and Inquiry 1 Proposal Grading Guidelines (pdf)

Inquiry 2 proposals are due in your lab on T 9/27 or W 9/28
Format for Inquiry 2 Proposal and Reports (pdf) and Inquiry 2 Proposal Grading Guidelines (pdf)

Inquiry 3 proposals are due in your lab on T 10/25 or W 10/26
Format for Inquiry 3 Proposal and Reports (pdf) and Inquiry 3 Proposal Grading Guidelines (pdf)

Assignment #4 due in your class on M 10/10 or T 10/11, and involves visiting at least 2 research stream open houses (see Blackboard “announcements” for details).

Assignment #5 is due in your lab on T 9/27 or W 9/28, and involves taking three online safety classes (see Blackboard “announcements” for details).

Information presented in class:

Strong Inference:  The Article

The Rules of Strong Inference

Presentation slides and scientific articles used in class and lab

Supplemental information

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