Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students:
Anneke Padolina.JPG
Anneke Padolina

Dissertation Research: Recovering the Reticulate Phylogeny of the orchid genus Phalaenopsis using DNA sequence data.

Ruth Timme
Ruth Timme

Dissertation Research: Molecular phylogeny of Helianthus (Asteraceae) and reconstructing reticulate evolution.

Josh McDill
Joshua McDill

Dissertation Research: The Phylogeny, Biogeography, and Evolution of Linum section Linopsis

Anushree Sanyal

Dissertation Research: Recovering the seed-oil pathway in Arabidopsis.

Mary McGovern

Dissertation Reserach:

Other graduate students working in our lab
Jon Wagner.JPG
Jonathan Wagner

(A paleontology graduate student that attends our lab meetings)

Dissertation Research: Reticulate evolution in crocodiles.

Former graduate students:

Brian Vanden Heuvel
May 2002 - PhD. University of Texas at Austin
Fall 2002 - Postdoc. University of California, Davis
Fall 2004 - Assistant Professor. Colorado State University, Pueblo.