BIOLOGY 301M - Ecology, Evolution and Society

Spring 2009

Instructor: Dr. Jasper. Office: PAI 1.28. The best way to reach me is by e-mail:  Office hours: TTh: 12:00- 1:00 or by appointment.

TA: Nitin Asokan. Office: BME 1.314. Email:


F 900 to  1000

RLM 5.120


F 1000 to  1100

RLM 5.122


W 300 to  400

WEL 2.256


W 400 to  500

WEL 3.260

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Designed for nonscience majors. Introduction to environmental adaptations, diversity of organisms, species interactions, organization and processes of communities, population growth and limitations, evolution and population genetics, origin of life, and human impact on the environment. Three lecture hours and one discussion hour a week for one semester. Only one of the following may be counted: Biology 301M, 304, 311D, 213. Biology 301E and 301M may not both be counted. May not be counted toward a degree in biology.

The Living World, 5th edition, by George Johnson and Jonathan Losos.

: 4 lecture exams (100 pts. each) and one optional final exam (100 points). If you miss one of the regular exams for any reason, you must take the final exam. There will be no make-up exams given. If you miss 2 exams, you must have an approved university excused absence for both of them to make up an exam. If you are satisfied with your grade and have taken all 4 regular exams, you can choose not to take the final exam. If you are not happy with your grade after the 4 exams, you may take the final exam to replace your lowest test grade. If you score lower on the final exam, I will not count it. Lecture exams: Each exam will only cover material since the previous exam. Be prepared to stay for the entire exam. No restroom/water/etc. breaks will be permitted. Grading scale: 89.5-100 = A, 79.5-89.4 = B, 69.5-79.4 = C, 59.5-69.4 = D, below 59.4 = F. You must have your student ID with you at exam time for every exam.  Challenges to exam questions and possible scantron errors must be submitted within one week from the time the graded test is returned.

Discussion sections count for a total of 40 points, making a total of 440 points possible for the entire grade. The 40 points will be earned through both attendance and completion of a few small exercises.  Discussion sections will primarily be for review and discussion of class material. It will help you to succeed in the class and allow you to meet and interact with other students in the class. I urge you to form small (3-4 students) study groups for outside class study.

If you miss lecture, it is your responsibility to get the notes from a classmate. The notes I provide are just outlines. If you miss your assigned discussion section, you can attend one of the others that week. Please see or e-mail your TA or me with any problems you may have as soon as the problem arises. Open lines of communication are essential, but only with me and your TA so, please, turn cell phones OFF during class! This class is conducted under the honor system of the university. This means that all work will be original (not copied) on exams and activities in both lecture and discussion section. Students failing to adhere to this code will be subject to the punishment dictated by your instructors and/or the university.

Important dates: Deadline for dropping without possible academic penalty is Feb 16. The deadline for dropping for academic reasons (Q or F) is Mar 30.