Answer key to Quiz 6:

  1. If one strand of a DNA molecule contains the sequence 5'-ACCGATCT-3', what sequence will be found on the opposite (i.e., complementary) strand?
    c. 3'-TGGCTAGA-5'
  2. If the proportion of thymine found in an organism's DNA is 20 percent, which of the following proportions must be true?
    a. percent G = 30 percent
  3. Prior to replication of a new DNA strand, RNA primers (i.e., short RNA segments complementary to parental DNA) are synthesized by:
    d. RNA primase
  4. Elongation of a new DNA strand always proceeds in which direction?
    a. 5' -> 3'
  5. Which of the following is true during DNA replication in prokaryotes but not in eukaryotes?
    c. there is only one origin of replication
  6. Transcription of DNA begins when RNA polymerase binds to a special region known as the:
    b. promoter
  7. Following transcription in eukaryotes, the mRNA transcript is edited to remove:
    c. introns
  8. The complex of snRNPs and other proteins used to accomplish the editing described in #7 is called a:
    d. spliceosome
  9. The RNA-directed synthesis of polypeptides is:
    c. translation
  10. The ability of one tRNA to recognize two or three different mRNA codons is called:
    d. wobble