Curriculum Vitae


Joel L. Sachs


Date of Birth: 6 October 1971                                  Updated: 1, April 2003                     

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois                                Citizenship: United States



Section of Integrative Biology:

University of Texas at Austin

Austin, Texas 78712 USA

Tel: 512-232-6283





Professional Preparation:

University of Iowa                               Biology                                   BA, 1993

University of North Dakota                 Zoology                                   MS, 1998

University of Texas                 Integrative Biology                  Ph.D. Candidate 1999-Present



Research Experience:

            Undergraduate Lab Assistant to Paul Rudolph, Ph.D. Department of Biology

                        University of Iowa- Taxonomy of bassomatophoran snails 1992-1993

            Research Assistant- University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics- Department of

                        Psychiatry-Michael Miller, Ph.D. The Effects of ethanol on the neural

                        development of rats, a cytochemical analysis of NGF and its receptors

                        in developing rats. 1993-1995

            Master’s Research- University of North Dakota- Department of Biology

                        The Evolution of coloniality in birds: A Test of hypotheses with the

                        red-necked grebe.  1995-1998

            Senior Research Assistant- Oregon Health Sciences University- Neurological

Sciences Institute. Differential Display-RT-PCR analysis on photoreceptor

cells of Xenopus laevis and sacculus hair cells of Carassius auratus. 1998-1999

            Ph.D. Research- University of Texas, Department of Integrative Biology-

Cooperation and conflict between in symbioses

model systems and theory.  1999-present



Teaching Experience:

University of North Dakota.  Department of Zoology - Teaching Assistant. 1995-1998

                        Introductory Biology Lab I & II- One semester each

                        Ecology Field & Lab Course- Two semesters

                        Computer Technical Assistant- Web page development and maintenance.

Oregon Health Science University- Neurological Sciences Institute. – Lab Mentor. 1998

                        NSI Summer Internship Program for Undergraduates.

University of Texas.  Department of Integrative Biology – Teaching Assistant 1999-present

                        Non-majors Biology: Critical thinking - four semesters

                        Ornithology – three semesters






Grants and Awards:

            National Merit Commendation 1989.

            University of Iowa Dean’s List- Three semesters 1990-1993.

            University of North Dakota. Academic Programs and Student Awards Committee

                        Field Research Grant. 1995.

            University of North Dakota. Perfect GPA. 1995-1998.

            Dean’s Excellence Fellowship, College of Natural Sciences, University of Texas


            Excellence  in Teaching Award, Nomination, Integrative Biology, University of Texas 2001.

            Gordon Conference Presenter’s Travel Award, University of Texas 2002.

            Carl Gottfried Hartman Graduate Fellowship, $5,000, University of Texas 2003.

            University of Texas- Zoology Scholarship Endowment for Excellence $1050, 2003.

            Bess Heflin Fellowship, $17,000 University of Texas 2003

            NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant- Experimental selection for cheating

                        in a mutualistic symbiont. $9,212 2003-2004.





-Sachs, J. L., Mueller, U. G., Wilcox, T. P., and Bull, J. J. The Evolution of Cooperation, 

Quarterly Review of Biology. ACCEPTED

-Nuechterlein, G.L., Buitron, D., Sachs, J.L. and Hughes, C.R. 2003. Red-necked Grebes become

            semi-colonial when prime nesting habitat is available, Condor. 105(1).

-Sachs, J.L., Hughes, C.R.  1999.  Characterization of microsatellite loci for red-necked grebes

Podiceps grisegena.  Molecular Ecology. 8, 687-688.

-Sachs, J.L.  1998.  The Evolutionary Origin of Coloniality: A Test of Hypotheses with the Red-

necked Grebe.  Masters Thesis.  University of North Dakota.


Publication in preperation

-Sachs, J.L., Hughes, C.R., Nuechterlein, G.L., and Buitron, D. The Evolutionary origin of colonial

            nesting: A test of hypotheses with the red-necked grebe. In preparation.



Scientific Presentations:

“The Evolutionary Origin of Coloniality: A Test of Hypotheses with the Red-

necked Grebe.” NSF EPSCoR Interstate Meetings, Brookings, SD. 1997.

“The Evolutionary Origin of Colonial Nesting”  American Ornithological Union                

Symposium, St. Louis, Mo. April 1998.

“Cooperation and Conflict between two bacteriophages: an Experimental System.”

            Society for the Study of Evolution Meeting, Knoxville, TN. July 2001.

“Cooperation and Conflict between two bacteriophages: an Experimental System.”

            Gordon Conference on Molecular Evolution, Ventura, CA. January 2002.

“The Evolution of Cooperation: A Perspective.” Society for the Study of Evolution

Meeting, Champaign, Il. July 2002.

“Selection for cheating in a mutualistic symbiont.” Rice University. 7, April 2003 also

University of Texas. 21, April 2003.




Membership in Professional and Honor Societies:

Society For the Study of Evolution 2000-Present.

Gamma Beta Phi Society 2003-Present.



Rafe Brown, University of Texas

Deborah Buitron, North Dakota State University

James J. Bull (Ph.D. Major Advisor)

Ben Evans, Columbia University

Colin R. Hughes, Miami University

Ulrich G. Mueller, University of Texas
Gary Nuechterlein, North Dakota State University

Thomas P. Wilcox, University of Texas

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