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7 May
As announced on the review sheet on Blackboard, the final exam will be held on Saturday, May 15 from 9 am - noon. Location is CMA A2.320 for those with last names starting with A - M, and CMA 3.112 for those beginning with N - Z.

7 May
I'll hold my regular office hours on Monday and Tuesday (May 10 and 11), and by appointment. If you're missing an exam or discussion quiz, please see Dr. Kim to pick it up. Good luck on the final and in future endeavors!

Teaching Assistant: Barbara Goodson
Office: BIO 412
Phone: 471-5395 (office); 471-8854 (lab)
Office Hours: Monday 11:00 - 12:30, Tuesday 9:30 - 11:00, or by appointment

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