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Examples of dissertations from the Hillis-Bull lab in the area of Evolutionary Processes

Dissertations since late 1995 available as pdf's

Earlier dissertaions are available from the UT libraries

(see also dissertaions in the areas of Phylogenetics, Experimental Evolution, and Computational Biology)


Recent dissertations on Evolutionary Processes from the lab:

Ernesto Weil Machado (Ph.D., 1992: Genetic and morphological variation in Caribbean and Eastern Pacific Porites (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) across the Isthmus of Panama) DISS 1992 W429 PCL Stacks 5K

Michael Dixon (Ph.D., 1993: Ribosomal RNA as a phylogenetic tool : history, secondary structure and application to parrot evolution) DISS 1994 D645 PCL Stacks 5K

Ken Halanych (Ph.D., 1994: The convergence of suspension feeding apparatuses in Lophophorates and Pterobranch hemichordates: A phylogenetic analysis using ribosomal gene sequence data) DISS 1994 H128 PCL Stacks 5K

Paul Chippindale (Ph.D., 1995: Evolution, phylogeny, biogeography, and taxonomy of central Texas spring and cave salamanders, Eurycea and Typhlomolge (Plethodontidae: Hemidactyliini)) (pdf, 11.6 MB)

Barbara Mable (Ph.D., 1996: Evolution of polyploidy on two continents : Phylogenetic resolution and implications.) (pdf, 7.8 MB)

Sharon Messenger (Ph.D., 1997: Evolution of virulence in an experimental bacteriophage system) (pdf, 3.7 MB)

Wayne Crill (Ph.D., 1998: Experimental evolution and molecular basis of host-specific viral adaptation) (pdf, 2.8 MB)

Jim McGuire (Ph.D. 1998: Phylogenetic systematics, scaling relationships, and the evolution of gliding performance in flying lizards (genus Draco)) (pdf, 10.8 MB)

Kelly Agnew (Ph.D., 1999: Butterfly oviposition behavior, pika biogeography, and lentiviral sequence evolution) (pdf, 6.6 MB)

Mathew Brauer (Ph.D., 2000: Geometry and genetics of microbial adaptation) (pdf, 3.7 MB)

Laurie Dries (Ph.D., 2000: The evolutionary persistence of the gynogenetic Amazon molly, Poecilia formosa) (pdf, 7.4 MB)

Kristina Kichler (Ph.D., 2001: Dynamics of adaptive evolution in two experimental viral systems) (pdf, 1 MB)

Mark Holder (Ph.D., 2001: Using a complex model of sequence evolution to evaluate and improve phylogenetic methods) (pdf, 3 MB)

Jay Reichman (Ph.D., 2002: Characterization and evolution of peridinin-chlorophyll a binding protein gene families in symbiotic dinoflagellates) (pdf, 13.6 MB)

Adrienne Sloan (Ph.D., 2003: Variation in host-symbiont compatability among Cassiopea-algal symbioses) (pdf, 10.6 MB)

Rafe Brown (Ph.D., 2004: Evolution of ecomorphological variation and acoustic diversity in mate-recognition signals of Southeast Asian forest frogs (subfamily Platymantinae)) (pdf, 7.7 MB)

Joel Sachs (Ph.D., 2004: The Evolution of cooperation and conflict: Experimental model systems and theory) (pdf, 768 KB)

Alisha Holloway (Ph.D., 2004: Polyploid origins, experimental evolution of gene duplicates, and duplication and divergence of reproductive genes) (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Jean Krejca (Ph.D., 2005: Stygobite phylogenetics as a tool for determining aquifer evolution) (pdf, 1.3 MB)

Alan Lemmon (Ph.D., 2007: Analytical, computational, and statistical approaches to studying speciation) (pdf, 4.0 MB)

Emily Moriarty Lemmon (Ph.D., 2007: Patterns and processes of speciation in North American chorus frogs (Pseudacris)) (pdf, 11.1 MB)

Amy Bickham Baird (Ph.D., 2007: Comparison of phylogenies derived from multiple linkage groups: A test of chromosomal speciation in Rhogeessa) (pdf, 1.1 MB)

Richard H. Heineman (Ph.D., 2007: Lysis Time, Optimality, and the Genetics of Evolution in a T7 Phage Model System) (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Tracy A. Heath (Ph.D., 2008: Understanding the importance of taxonomic sampling for large-scale phylogenetic analyses by simulating evolutionary processes under complex models) (pdf. 1.7 MB)

Gregory B. Pauly (Ph.D., 2008: Phylogenetic Systematics, Historical Biogeography, and the Evolution of
Vocalizations in Nearctic Toads (Bufo)) (pdf, 4.6 MB)

Shannon M. Hedtke (Ph.D. 2009: Origin and Maintenance of Androgenesis: Male Asexual Reproduction in the Clam Genus Corbicula) (pdf, 15.7 MB)

William R. Harcombe (Ph.D. 2009: The Evolutionary Ecology of Model Microbial Communities) (pdf, 0.7 MB)

Jeremy M. Brown (Ph.D. 2009: Improving the Accuracy and Realism of Bayesian Phylogenetic Analysis) (pdf, 3.6 MB)

Rebecca E. Symula (Ph.D. 2009: Evolutionary and Ecological Influences on Color Pattern Variation in the Australian Common Froglet, Crinia signifera) (pdf, 6.5 MB)

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